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    Our Process

    We measure our success in how little code you have to write. Icing toffee oat cake sweetroll candy macaroon macaroon.

    • Technical
    • Keyword Research
      & Strategy2
    • Call Tracking
    • Lead
    • Detailed


    Our consultants find and correct technical errors.

    Search engines want to rank websites built according to their guidelines. A lot of these items are technical and require an expert to understand the fine details. Our team of experts run an in depth technical audit that covers over 200 technical items that come straight from Google’s guidelines. Anything that needs to be correct we handle for you.

    Keyword Research
    & Strategy2

    We optimize your site for the right keywords.

    Keywords are search terms potential customers use to find your website (or, your competitors). Our SEO experts are trained to find the keywords that not only have high search volume, but high conversion intent. The goal isn’t just to drive more organic traffic, it’s to drive more paying customers.

    Call Tracking

    We build high quality Call Tracking Systems.

    Running Advertising campaigns isn’t enough – search engines are great for attracting high intent warm leads but for professional level PPC Management its necessary to track performance metrics and make sure your campaigns are performing profitably and effectively. This is where detailed Call Tracking comes into pay and can save you thousands of dollars in ad spend.


    High powered qualified case acqusition.

    Lead generation is extremely important to generating qualified cases for Law Firms. However, not all leads become qualified cases that bring in revenue for the Law Firm. It is equally as important to examine the Intake Process to ensure we see maximium results from our Marketing Campaigns.


    Transparent, open and timely reporting.

    At the beginning of your campaign we build a project plan that gives you dated deliverables over a 12 month period. Nothing we do for you flies under the radar – it’s shared with you through our client portal and our team of consultants are on call 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns.

    Why Choose Us?

    10,000 Keywords On The 1st Page

    Over 10,000 Keywords Ranked On The 1st Page Of Google

    Certified Google & Bing Partners

    Google Certified Partners And Bing Ads Accredited Professionals

    Generated New Cases All Over The US

    Our Clients Have Seen Exceptional Results With Digital Marketing Campaign Management and Our Automated Call Tracking Systems

    Detailed Reporting

    Track all of the progress of your marketing campaigns with our detailed reported.

    Industry Leading Strategies

    Our Advanced Digital Marketing Tactics Help You Obtain Highly Qualified Cases For Your Law Firm

    Customer Generation Focus

    We Generate 1,000's Of Highly Targeted Leads Every Month Through Our Web Properties

    5+ Years Combined Experience

    Our CEO Has Been Performing World Class Digital Marketing Since 2020 And Personally Strategizes Every Marketing Campaign To Ensure Guaranteed Success

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